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At Chandelles Saddlery we have a passion of horses, all things equestrian and producing quality embroidery. We are an approved Zilco stockist. We only use and sell the Zilco harness as we feel it’s the best and our knowledgeable and friendly staff are always on hand to recommend and advise from the smallest parts to complete team sets from the Tedex ,SL ,Classic ,ZGB and Elite sets. At Chandelles no customer is too small or too large .

With an increasing interest in embroidered items from our clients we continue to expand our range of clothing to complement our saddlery items. We can embroider jackets, polos, horsewear items and can also cater for many workwear designs, all bespoke to your needs.


The Zilco Range

Zilco Harness Bridle

Zilco is a world leader in the design and production of synthetic harness and saddlery, we offer a unique “swap out”of harness parts on all of our new sets sold with first class help and advice from one of our very knowledgeable staff who are always happy to assist and recommend the best products to suit your requirements.

As well as the full range of zilco harness we also stock zilco endurance equipment and rugs.

Please see below for various catalogues from Zilco that may be of interest: 

Driving Brochure - http://www.zilco.eu/blogs/news/2020/Sep/30/Driving_Cat

Starter Harness Catalogue - http://www.zilco.eu/blogs/news/2021/Jan/14/starter_harness

SL Plus Harness Catalogue - http://www.zilco.eu/blogs/news/2021/Jan/14/SL_Plus

Harness Racing Catalogue - http://www.zilco.eu/blogs/news/2020/Oct/1/HarnessCatalogue

Racing Catalogue - http://www.zilco.eu/blogs/news/2020/Sep/28/RaceCatalogue

Endurance Catalogue - http://www.zilco.eu/blogs/news/2020/Sep/28/EnduranceCatalogue

Bit Catalogue - http://www.zilco.eu/blogs/news/2020/Sep/28/BitCatalogue

Grooming Catalogue - http://www.zilco.eu/blogs/news/2020/Sep/28/GroomingCatalogue

If you do see any products featured within the catalogues that you cannot locate on our site please contact us as being an authorised stockists we can source all products at preferential prices.



The Neue Schule Collection

Neue Schule -

This ‘new school’ of thinking (“Neue Schule”) is embodied in the refined designs, more accomodating profiles and cutting edge materials to be found in the Neue Schule products.

Whether out on a leisurely hack or in international competition Neue Schule offer an innovative range of bits for all equines in all disciplines from hacking to Grand Prix and dressage.

Embroidery Collections

Team wear, company logos or an individual requiring something special, from saddle cloths, to fly masks, bags to hoodies we offer a large range all personalised just for you! 


Please feel free to ring for help and advice - we are here to help!

We are available 7 days a week please call: 01534 484122  or if we are not in the office 07797724879

email: [email protected] 


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