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Due to advance technology modern scientists have developed an “Engineering” or “SPACE AGE” plastic, to be used in a variety of industries. We have chosen the most DURABLE, NON – TOXIC, FLEXIBLE, and LONG LASTING polyurethane plastic for our HAPPY MOUTH BIT, which proves a nice, SOFT, GENTLE touch to the horses mouth.  One unique characteristic of this revolutionary bit is the apple flavour, which has been added to the plasic; as we have discovered many horses instantly recognise this flavour, and hence readily accept the bit without resistance.

All our Happy Mouth Bits have a Stainless Steel Centre Core for maximum strength and safety, but it is very important that they are of the correct size and are fitted correctly in the horse’s mouth. This is so the bit does not become chewed. Horse’s teeth must be checked regularly and it is dangerous to continue to use a marked or chewed bit.